Ogunquit, Maine, New Year's, Hotel, Accommodations
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Ogunquit, Maine, New Year's, Hotel, Accommodations

Happy New Year from Ogunquit.com!

Whatever your tradition, it’s hard not to get caught up in the magic of this time of year: the deep nights around the Winter Solstice, the lights twinkling along the city streets, the company of loved ones and the good cheer of strangers on the street.

Sure, it’s easy to romanticize the season, but in the seaside gem of Ogunquit, Maine, the holiday ambience really is pretty darn postcard-perfect.

Here at Ogunquit.com, we’d like to wish you and yours the warmest and most joyful of holidays—and as we do so we’d also like to extend a happy invitation to come visit this marvelous town of ours in the New Year!

Ogunquit-Brand Hospitality

With our family of lodging options, we’re ready to welcome you here this cozy winter or beyond. From the Gorges Grant Hotel to the Cottage at Acorn Lane, from the Juniper Hill Inn to the Milestone, we offer some of the most charming and well-maintained accommodations on the coast of Southern Maine, and any one of them could be the dream venue for your fabulous 2017 Ogunquit getaway!

Bed down, for example, in one of the resplendent rooms at the Gorges Grant Hotel, and you’ll have the luxury of a heated pool and Jacuzzi at your disposal—not to mention easy access to the heart of Ogunquit. Or find an elegant but affordable retreat at the Milestone, just minutes away—but appealingly removed—from the bustle of town. Perhaps you’d prefer the serenity of the Juniper Hill Inn, ensconced among groves and gardens on five acres, or its spacious neighboring property, the Cottage at Acorn Lane.

See You at Raspberri’s

And don’t forget the mouthwatering breakfast menu and friendly atmosphere at our much-loved eatery, Raspberri’s Restaurant, situated in the Gorges Grant Hotel but open to any of our guests as well as the general public. Digging into a stack of Raspberri’s pancakes or a delightfully decadent Belgian waffle kicks off any vacation day in Ogunquit off right, to say the least.

Your New Year’s Resolution: Visit Ogunquit in 2017!

Whether you’ve stayed with us before or you’re brand-new to our world-class standard of hospitality, we’ve love to host you at one of our Ogunquit.com properties in 2017. We hope you’ll consider a wintertime visit, given that the town’s enchanting quiet and frosted beauty are some of the best-kept secrets on the New England calendar. But we’ll show you the richest hospitality whenever your schedule allows a blissful idyll on these serene Atlantic shores of Southern Maine. Happy holidays from Ogunquit.com!