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Best Seafood Restaurants in Ogunquit, ME​

One of the joys of the Southern Maine coast is the fresh, fabulous seafood on hand year-round, and with accommodations at the Gorges Grant Hotel or Juniper Hill Inn, you’re beautifully situated to partake of these Gulf of Maine flavors! Here are some of the best seafood hotspots in the Beautiful Place by the Sea, all of them easily reached from our hotels.

The Lobster Shack

This long-running family business in Perkins Cove comes by its name honestly: It’s housed in a former lobsterman’s storage shack built around 1900, and it serves up fresh-caught lobster in multiple forms—from lobster rolls to lobster wraps and lobster BLTs.

Other menu highlights include the housemade New England-style chowder (prepared by a tried-and-true family recipe), steamer clams, and fish sandwiches and tacos. The Lobster Shack opens seasonally this spring 2018.

Ogunquit Lobster Pound

The multigenerational family-run Ogunquit Lobster Pound has been plating up seafood goodness since 1931. Choose lobster boiled in seawater, served in stew/bisque/roll/pie form, or go for the clam chowder, mussels, scallops, steamers, or a variety of fish and seafood-pasta entrees. Ogunquit Lobster Pound opens March 16th for just the weekends.

Barnacle Billy’s

You’ll find two locations of this popular seafood restaurant in Perkins Cove (which opens for the season in April): the original, in business for more than a half-century, and Barnacle Billy’s Etc. Tuck into boiled lobster, lobster rolls, or lobster stew. The menus come stacked with other briny bounty, too, from homemade clam chowder, scallops, and crabcakes to gazpacho, haddock, and swordfish. Barnacle Billy’s opens in 2018 on April 6th.


Come April, Oarweed will open for its 53rd season delighting Perkins Cove diners with gifts from the sea: from lobster and baked haddock to steamers and seafood chowder. The oceanfront eatery gets its name from a local variety of seaweed notorious for tangling up oars. Oarweed starts their season this year on April 29th.

Beach Lobster House

Beach Lobster House is open year-round for both dine-in and to-go meals; it even boasts a seasonal take-out window. The menu combines the traditional and the outside-the-box: Go for the fish and chips or the Maine Shore Dinner (lobster accompanied by steamers, corn on the cob, and pie), or maybe you’ll end up hankering instead for the bacon-wrapped scallops or the haddock sliders! Always worth checking out the Chef’s Special $10.99 menu here. Beach Lobster house is open today!

Jonathan’s Ogunquit

Jonathan’s is well-known for its farm-fresh produce and meat, but the big saltwater lobster tank in the lobby should clue you into some major seafood cred as well. Gulf of Maine scallops, scallop- and shrimp-stuffed haddock, the classic lobster dinner: You can’t go wrong at this fine-dining destination, which Jonathan West opened in 1976 in his parents’ former home. Jonathan’s opens March 30th for their 2018 season.